COVID-19 Information
for Providers

Thank you to all of our providers who are working tirelessly to care for our members and communities. The safety of our members, doctors and our community is our top priority as we face COVID-19 together. Lighthouse closely monitors updates from the Agency for Health Care Administration and will continue to revise our policies and processes in accordance with the Agency’s direction to help reduce your administrative burdens as you care for patients. We appreciate all you are doing and are here to support you.  ~Christie Spencer

COVID-19 Provider Message

Lighthouse Health Plan is working diligently to serve our members and support our providers during this unpreceded time.  Based on Governor DeSantis’ State of Medical Emergency declaration regarding COVID-19 and the Agency for Health Care Administration’s issued Provider Alerts and policy transmittals, we are modifying Lighthouse’s policy and procedures and creating resources that will be available for providers and members.  Although we are limiting travel to providers’ offices and curtailing face to face member visits per AHCA guidance, we are working and available to you, your staff and your patients.  For the remainder of March and through April, we will conduct provider visits telephonically.  We understand your offices are disrupted and we will work to accommodate your schedules to conduct telephonic visits.   Please share your availability at your convenience. 

We are aligning communication to our members with messaging provided at the Department of Health and Center for Disease Control websites.  Our telephonic care management team continue to provide ongoing support to members through our care management program.  In addition to our regular care management activities, all members engaged in care management will be outreached in order to provide education about COVID-19 and reliable resources they can access to remain aware and current.  Members are provided information about frequent hand washing, importance of medication refills, social distancing, and the availability of our 24/7 nurseline as well as telehealth options.  We reiterate to members to call ahead before showing up at a providers’ office with symptoms. 

Below are referenced websites we are utilizing:
Florida Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control

Medicaid Provider Funding Announcement - Act Now! Update: Deadline Extended

Federal COVID-19 relief funding is available for Medicaid and CHIP providers. Federal HHS has launched a Provider Relief Fund Payment Portal that will allow eligible Medicaid and CHIP providers to report their annual patient revenue. This will be used as a factor in determining their Provider Relief Fund payment. The payment to each provider is expected to be at least 2 percent of reported gross revenue from patient care. Restrictions apply, and providers should carefully read the posted materials.


Provider Alert System

View the Agency for Healthcare Administration COVID-19 Alert Website: AHCA Alert Website

Several Provider Alerts have been issued by The Agency for Health Care Administration with regard to COVID-19.  We are working to provide these alerts on our provider portal for your convenience. 

You may also sign up for Provider Alerts directly from AHCA and access Provider Alert archives at the following Agency link:  FLMMS Portal

Provider Payment Provisions Page

At Lighthouse Health Plan we are updating policy and procedures to meet the State guidance and to support our providers.  Click here for more information on Lighthouse Health Plan's payments process.

Lighthouse Health Plan Contacts

We are in frequent communication with the Agency for Health Care Administration to receive direction, provide feedback and submit questions for clarification.  Please email if you have questions regarding AHCA directives about COVID-19 we may be able to help answer.  You may also contact your provider relations specialist.  Our Executive Team is available for your call or email as well.

Jennifer Reyes, Provider Relations Specialist
Phone: (210) 722-2963

Kerrie Otano, Provider Relations Manager
Phone: (850) 625-9295

Alicia Skolrood, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (850) 390-5003

Thank you for all you are doing for our community and patients. Stay safe and healthy.

~Lighthouse Provider Relations

COVID-19 Provider Links

Lighthouse Provider Payments Provisions Page

Florida Medicaid Web Portal - COVID-19 Information for Providers on the Florida Medicaid Web Portal, which includes the process for provisional provider enrollment

FLMMS Portal - Sign up for Provider Alerts directly from AHCA and access Provider Alert archives

AHCA Alert Website - View the Agency for Healthcare Administration COVID-19 Alert Website

Other Important Links

CDC Information on COVID-19

Florida Department of Health Information on COVID-19