Claims Information

Claim Submission

Electronic Submission

Lighthouse Health Plan encourages all providers to submit claims electronically. Providers and facilities may use the claims portal and electronic data interchange (EDI) services as no-cost options for submitting claims electronically.

To register for and use Lighthouse' Health Plan's claims portal, please click the button below.

Claims Portal

Providers may also file claims by EDI through the clearing house of their choice. Note, there may be fees associated with filing by this route. For support for electronic claim filing, contact your EDI software vendor or the Change Provider Support Line at (800) 845-6592 to arrange transmission.

Lighthouse Health Plan Electronic Payer ID:  31828 

Paper Submission

For paper claims, please submit to Lighthouse Health Plan at the following address:

Lighthouse Health Plan
PO BOX  211156 
Eagan, MN 55121

Timely Filing

Please file claims within 180 calendar days from the date of service or date of discharge (inpatient), or as specified in provider contract.

Claims Disputes

Providers may file a claim dispute by contacting Provider Services at (844) 243-5176 or by mail at:

Lighthouse Health Plan
PO BOX  211156 
Eagan, MN 55121

All requests for claims disputes including reconsiderations or adjustments must be received ninety (90) calendar days from the date of the notification of payment or denial (please refer to Provider Manual).

Interim Billing for Inpatient Hospital Stays

Below is the process for interim billing for inpatient hospital stays that exceed one hundred (100) consecutive days. This applies to hospital providers that request assistance due an enrollee’s protracted length of stay greater than one hundred (100) days and due to the financial strain it imposes in having to wait for the enrollee to be discharged to seek reimbursement. 

  • To use the interim billing process, please submit the claim with the appropriate bill type (listed below).
  • To submit interim claims, please use the following Bill Type to identify an Interim claim.
  • Bill Type & Description
    • 112: 1st Interim Claim
    • 113: Continuing
    • 117: Last Claim
  • For questions concerning this process, please call Provider Services at 1-844-243-5181 or email