Disaster Support

Getting Care During a Disaster or Emergency

Your health and happiness are important to us. We want you to be prepared especially before or during a disaster or emergency.

What is a disaster?

A disaster is an event that happens in a specific geographic location. An event is a disaster if:

  • The President of the United States declares the event to be an emergency or disaster under the National Emergencies Act or the Stafford Act,
  • The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services declares it to be a public health emergency under the Public Health Service Act, or
  • The Governor declares it to be an emergency or disaster

If you aren’t sure if an event is considered a disaster, please visit https://www.fema.gov/disasters.

What can Lighthouse Health Plan do?

Lighthouse will take steps to assist you in a disaster based on the emergency and direction from the Agency for Health Care Administration. Such steps may include:

  • Cover services at out-of-network hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • Stop the need for primary care physician referrals and, in some cases, the need for prior authorization.
  • Allow early prescription refills (excluding certain drugs).
  • Provide information via our website and social media.

How long will it last?

We’ll keep working with you to make sure you’re covered during the duration of the emergency or disaster.

Lighthouse will continue to offer this support until:

  • The president, governor or secretary of Health and Human Services has declared that the disaster or emergency has ended.

If Lighthouse is also affected by the disaster or emergency and cannot continue business as usual after it is over, we will alert the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Agency for Health Care Administration. If this happens, we will also provide updates on our status on our website, when possible.

Plan Ahead

One of the best things you can do is to be prepared in case you are ever in a disaster or emergency situation. Take the time now to plan ahead.

Here are a few steps you can take: